Who is this Tennile?

Here's the tea.

I am the proud mother of Dusty and Lucianna.

When I am not working my business you will find me in the kitchen whipping up something sweet, playing with my dogs, working on a project, sitting on my deck or taking a ride with my husband, Roy.  

But here's what I don't tell people....

I had big dreams.  My childhood dream was to run my own business.  Then I met a guy and started a family. I enjoyed instilling creativity into my children but, I felt lost. As the years passed by, I could feel like I was running out of time to make my dreams come true.  So, one day I took a little money I saved, grabbed my hairdresser friend and made the decision to take the leap.  

I knew if I took my sewing skills and gave my community something it lacked, I would succeed.  I was the girl that did alterations, and as time passed I listened to my customers.  When they said they wished we had a dress shop in town, I said, "I can do that."  After some research and investing in myself it worked!

Now, I am not very organized and terrible at keeping records; but I listen to my customers.  Because of them, I have continued to dream and contribute to my community.  

I have been able to help girls feel like princesses, queens, and a million bucks! Seeing the excitement and smiles on those girls faces is why I do what I do now.  

I am just a girl, living my dream!